The Waiting Staff

Waiting staffwait staff, or waitstaff are those who work at a restaurant or a bar attending customers — supplying them with food and drink as requested. Traditionally, a male waiting tables is called a “waiter” and a female a “waitress” with the gender neutral-version being a “server“.

Waiting on tables is part of the service sector and among the most common occupations in the United States. This is why we make sure to have the most skilled servers around. Our waiters wear an uniform, a tradition that has been around for centuries.

waiting staff

The duties of waiting staff include preparing tables for a meal, taking customers’ orders, serving drinks and food, and cleaning up before, after and during servings at an event. Silver service staff are specially trained to serve at banquets or high-end restaurants. They follow specific rules of service and it is a skilled job. They generally wear black and white with a long, white apron (extending from the waist to ankle).

The head server is in charge of the waiting staff, and is also frequently responsible for assigning seating.

The waiting staff is responsible for ensuring the table is clean and set with clean utensils in the proper configuration, greeting the customer at their table in a timely fashion, ensuring the customers have drinks and time to decide on their order, taking that order accurately and conveying it to the kitchen.Waiters are responsible for monitoring their tables and ensuring their customers always have drinks and are generally happy; responsible for getting food from kitchen when it’s prepared and getting it to the customers, and presenting it without spilling it or touching customers unless necessary. Responsible for ensuring all meals are satisfactory to the customer, then getting out of their way while they eat. They are responsible for coming back to clear the table when customers are done eating and asking if the customers want anything else; wash, rinse repeat until customer is finished. At that time waiting staff are responsible for ensuring that the ill is accurate before presenting it to the customer.

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