Event Planning

A lot of work has to go into an event, and it can be a huge hassle trying to figure out what will be needed, what the menu should be, and so on. X-Quisite Staffing has developed a system for planning your event to make sure that you don’t miss a step. Start with the reason for hosting the event. Your reason usually suggests the menu, if not the budget.

Common Corporate Activities
New product launches
Customer appreciation
Employee days
Company picnics
Warehouse sales
V.I.P. visits
I.S.O. approval
I.P.O. success
Christmas & retirement parties
Shareholder meetings
Labour negotiations
Merger talks
Sales & budget meetings
Sponsored sporting events
Charity fund raisers
Political rallies
Constituency affairs
Policy think tanks
Corporate retreats
Trade show booths
Hospitality suites
Corporate tents
Now you’ve got a basic idea of your menu and your budget. You’re still not done yet. There’s a lot more to plan out, and X-Quisite Staffing is right there at your side to help you with it.

How We Can Help
From the initial planning to when the final guest leaves, X-Quisite Staffing is committed to you and your event, and we do our best to make your job easier. To that end, we provide a wide variety of services, accessories, experience and more to make your event successful and memorable. Here’s some of what we offer:

Complete planning
Coordination of the entire event
Seamless execution
Invitations & guest lists
RSVP tracking
Clowns, entertainers, comedians
Interesting & fun concepts
Complete bar service

Rather do it on your own?
Even if we’re not helping you with the planning of the event, and are simply working from behind the scenes to provide your guests with delicious food and quality entertainment, we still want to help you. There are many important factors and ideas to keep in mind when planning an event, so we’ve developed two lists of useful tips and questions to help you make sure your event runs smoothly, professionally, and successfully.

Focusing Your Event
Give your event one single subject. Few successful events are multi-purpose, so don’t mix a new product launch with a customer appreciation dinner at Christmas.
Restrict your guest list on the basis of relevance.
Rather than inviting more guests and treating them casually, invite fewer guests to be treated as V.I.Ps.
Pick an event theme & stick to it. Relate the decor to menu and location. Keep entertainment and decorations in proportion and in good taste.
Restrict information handouts to the most important issues. The event should give them more to do than read for an hour. Even at a seminar, the less information received, the more it is remembered.
Scheduling Your Event
Decide first when you want the event to end.
Work backwards from the end time to fit in all proposed activities.
Can you fit in everything? What can you cut?
Is your schedule so long it’s boring, or so crowded with activity that no one will remember important parts?
Make allowances for travel time from one part of the event to another, for breaks between events, & other schedule eaters.
Will your event overlap meal times? Is a caterer required?
Allow more time for young children to pass through exhibits but have shorter attention spans.
Will your event conflict with another special event such as a national holiday, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or the Academy Awards?
If the event is outdoors, will the time of year or time of day require lighting, wind protection, heaters, shade, or cold beverages?
Discipline guest speakers – even visiting V.I.Ps. Make sure they know what is expected, etc.

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