We know what it takes to make your event successful

Who doesn’t love for his banquet, cocktail hour, wedding reception or charity event to go of without a hitch? We all do! Everybody loves when the salads and entrees are brought promptly and the plates are cleared to make room for desert and the guests get they champagne in time for the big toast. X-Quisite Staffing LLC, makes it all possible trough our precise and committed servers, bartenders, waiters and waitresses. We have experienced staff. It is an important aspect of a successful social event, be it dinner, charity or drinking event, so make sure you book one of these amazing groups to make sure everything goes smoothly!

X-Quisite Staffing

X-Quisite Staffing

You are a busy person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full job, an active social live, getting your kids to soccer or baseball. As if that wasn’t enough, now you have to plan a successful event.  You will want and need extra help. Get one of our experienced event planners and take some of that weight off your shoulders. Let them call the caterers and florists while you sit back and do your other chores.

It happens quite often that the bartender is the life of the party.  As long as they keep getting classy cocktails, delicious martinis or ice-cold beers your guests will love your bartender all night. Do not let the drinks run dry. Hire a bartender for your wedding reception, corporate, company or private event. You could even work with the bartender to create some specialty drinks that your guests have to chose from.

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