Staffing Quality

The term quality is difficult to define in relation to hospitality operations but easy to recognize. Quality is a perception of how good or bad a product is based on an individual’s points of reference. A quality experience for someone who has never stayed in a first-class hotel may be completely different than for someone who patronizes luxury resorts and hotels.  Customers whose food service experience is limited to fast-food and casual restaurants probably has a different perception of a quality experience than customers who regularly patronize full-service restaurants.


          Customers with a wide range of experience often have a higher standard of quality expectation and a much lower tolerance for erratic service and poor food. The more frequently customers patronize a business, the more critical they are if the standard of quality they have come to expect is not maintained. X-Quisite Staffing is striving to maintain the highest possible standard because this is what keeps our customers happy.

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